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borednola's Journal

Let's Get Together
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In post-Katrina New Orleans many of us have been left with less friends, less money, and consequently- less things to do.

If you are looking for something to do, somebody to do something with, somplace to go, etc... Post here!


02. The following items must go behind an LJ cut:
+ Large images (such as flyers)
+ Large quanities of images
+ Overly lengthy passages (use common sense)
+ Anything containing possible offensive content !ADD WARNING!
03. Always enter a subject line, try and make it match what your post entails so people can find it in the archive.
04. Do not post in all capitals, large quanities of leet or other things equally as annoying!
05. NO Bitching about petty things like grammar usage. If you notice a typo, or a wrong date that effects the content of post- point it out nicely. If they say your instead of you're... Get over it.
06. POST OFTEN! and Have fun!

p.s. I will get back to this and update with links to other communities, and how to do an LJ cut, etc. at a later moment!